Women's Israel Retreat 2014


"Shimona is simply a superb teacher.  She has a unique way of bringing meaning to life experiences.  She reaches people in a very individual way even when teaching to a large group.  Her approach is modern even when her explanations root back to the ancient.  I highly recommend listening to Shimona."

Bonnie Optekman, Vice President, News Technology, NBC News

“I would like to thank you for the presentations and workshops that I have attended over the past four years under your rich guidance. I have found your training in these situations to be professional, skillful and life-changing, touching different participants in unique ways.”

Susan Hyde, Founder and Consultant at Susan Hyde & Associates. Past National Program Manager and Trainer at Transnet

“Shimona is one of the most creative and forward thinking educators I have worked with. I have collaborated with her on several projects and have always been impressed by her organization, professionalism and attention to detail.”

Rick Magder, President , Telzstone Entertainment Corporation

“I attended a conference with Shimona Tzukernik in the summer of 2009. This conference featured some of the leading thinkers, orators, and writers of the American Jewish community. Shimona gave masterful presentations that electrified the audience and caused everyone to think deeply about the issues she presented. I consider Shimona a revolutionary thinker who has brought the depths and profundity of Jewish mysticism and Jewish wisdom to audiences of all persuasions.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, relationship expert, author, television and radio host

“The business of changing lives is a gift meted out to a chosen few. I have been blessed to be one of the recipients of this gift as Shimona has indeed changed and enriched my life in ways I never believed possible. I encountered Shimona for the first time when I came to one of her celebrated talks focused on deep, mystical, Jewish insights. Then, I was struck not only by the breadth of her knowledge, but by the eloquence of her delivery; she is a truly mesmerizing presenter. As were other members of the audience, I immediately wanted to seek out her guidance and become a student of her coaching. Within her role as Kabbalah coach, Shimona is at once the masterful teacher, highly attuned listener, patient nurturer, and regular cheerleader. In doing so, she has made real and "activated" my deepest yearnings to connect with G-d and my own truths. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Shimona.”

Karen Forman, LCSW, LMFT

“I want you to know how truly, deeply, amazingly transformative our work was for me. I every day am reaping the benefits. My life is so rich and everything I do is purposeful and meaningful and fulfilling. I no longer feel conflicted about anything really. I feel a deep peace and confidence in the future. I am clear and I no longer feel the need for belonging or outward approval. You unleashed my potential completely and I am, as you promised, living the life I always imagined. All of this, I'm sure is from the journey of self-discovery you took me on. I wanted you to know this. You deserve to know how grateful I am every day for the blessing of knowing you and being able to benefit from your wisdom.”


“I hired Shimona as a speaker whilst Dean of visual Arts, New World School of Arts in Miami.  Shimona integrates creativity with deep knowledge and spiritual energies in public speaking, workshops, and retreats.  Highly recommended!”

Mel Alexenberg, current Head of School of the Arts at Emuna College, Jerusalem

“I want you to know the impact your lectures had on me as a result of the seminar I attended in March.  I am the president of a small brokerage firm.  Since returning from from your classes three months ago, I have been empowered to bring in 3 new national accounts and have already doubled our billings over last year. Thank you.”

Donna Adler, DLA & Associates LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

“Shimona has a rare combination of spiritual, intellectual, and creative gifts, and her talks are inspiring and thought-provoking. She is the kind of speaker who can change lives.”

Stephanie Wallen Levine, author of “Mystics, Mavericks, and Merrymakers,” lecturer at Tufts University, Cambridge, MA

“We have hired Shimona to speak several times and she left a strong impact on the audience. Her art workshop featured creative and thoughtful concepts, and her public lectures were entertaining and thought-provoking. We highly recommend her.”

Nechama Prus, Accounting Manager at Fox RPM Corporation, Business Manager at Ibis Consulting Group

“Shimona is a class act! She weaves her intelligence, artistic talents, perceptive senses and depth and breadth of knowledge into remarkable, original tapestries. She is an essential ingredient in any program.”

Molly Resnik, Former NBC Producer, Jounalist, International Lecturer & Founder of MATCKH

“Shimona is an eloquent and knowledgeable speaker and conveys deep meaning and inspiration in her talks. Her ability to paint concepts with words and touch the soul of her listeners creates a powerful, life changing experience for her listeners.”

Brenda Smith, CEO Peoplesmith Global Coaching, Inc

"Dear Shimona Thank you for an absolutely inspiring and brilliant talk at the "Say Yes to a Better Year" event last night. You literally blew us away with your words. My whole family and I were mesmerized by your charismatic and enriching personality and words of absolute wisdom."

Kind regards David Fredman, Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you Shimona for coming out to Boise. we know the trip is long, but for us it was so sell worth it. The people here loved your talk and i am still getting rave reviews about it."

Esther Lifshitz in Boise Idaho

“Shimona throws out nuggets of wisdom that all of us can put in our pockets and live off for a few years. She speaks with confidence, providing her audience the same. Her audience is always engaged, entertained and enriched.”

Tzvi Freeman, Author, Senior Editor Chabad.org

“Shimona spent two days at a mastermind group meeting where many of us had the opportunity to speak. When Shimona spoke there was undivided attention paid to every word - she captivated the audience with her clear delivery and with her depth of wisdom. There was not a person in our group that would miss a presentation of Shimona's. I hope you don't either because it may change your thinking and ultimately for some your lives!”

Bruce Clinton, Founder & CEO , BusinessWise, LLC

“I have heard Shimona speak several times. Each time I marvel on her ability to eloquently transmit a deep mystical message to the common lay person. Shimona's style is intellectually stimulating as well as flowing and artistic in description. Shimona is extremely insightful and intuitive in her ability to aces and help resolve personal issues. My wife and I feel blessed to call Shimona a personal friend and an inspiration.”

Rabbi Amichai Cohen

“Our Shabbaton weekend with Shimona was incredibly inspiring! About 120 students attended the Friday night meal which led into an ongoing discussion on the topic of "Finding your Soulmate". Shimona's unique blend of personal experience, stories and philosophical approach make a strong impression on the students. She spoke with individuals addressing private concerns and many stayed past midnight to hear their questions answered. A graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University remarked, "I appreciated Shimona's straightforward, logical and sensitive answers."

Shoshana Hexter, Student Learning Co-ordinator, Carnegie Mellon University

“Shimona has the ability to take the most obtuse or arcane mystical thought and make it come alive in a way that is electrifying and immediate. If you are lucky enough to be in her class, lecture or workshop, you will not walk away unchanged.”

Y.C. Meshchaninov, Monsey, N.Y

“Shimona, I already got amazing feedback from your talk.  A few women said they wished you could have talked all day.  A woman who has never been to an event of this sort was so touched by what you said, she couldn't stop crying.  She said you reached out to her soul.”

Esty Marcus, Los Alamitos, California

"The women all look forward to your talk each year. They constantly glean deep and innovative insights from your lectures and as a result they feel uplifted and have a desire to grow in their Yiddishkeit."

Rivka Kugel, Manhattan

“Thank you for an absolutely wonderful job at our First Jewish Women's Gala dinner here in Tacoma, Washington. We received a lot of feedback from the women who were extremely impressed and inspired, and it is our hope that they will continue to act on the inspiration and join us for future classes and events. As they say, "first impressions count", and you definitely helped make this dinner a success, and hopefully the first of many more to come with G-d's help.”

Rabbi Zalman and Miriam Heber, Chabad of Pierce County

“Thank you so much for the inspirational, insightful and possibly life changing talk last night. I really enjoyed it and came away with a feeling of inner peace and power. I would love to discuss more issues with you.”

Jamie Felberbaum, JHB, South Africa

“Just wanted to let you know that people have been calling me all morning to let me know how much they enjoyed you.  They loved your insights and stories and for my community, your friendliness and openness went a long way.  You were really inspiring.  They loved you.  Thank you again.”

Matty Bryski, Agoura Hills, California 

"I was at a retreat...with Shimona...fantastic. I've gone to the last 5 retreats and, without a doubt Shimona was the most engaging speaker that we have ever had."

Alix Kay, Milwaukee

"...Wonderful response to your talks – people loved it!  Your energy is amazing and so too your willingness to go the extra mile."

DL Shmotkin, Milwaukee

“Whoever I spoke to unanimously agreed - you were the star...Thanks so much for your inspiring words and making such a positive impression on all the women.  They truly enjoyed themselves. (One woman I hardly know told me she took out her candlesticks the next night - they haven't been used in many years - in preparation for Friday night as she was so excited to light them!)  So thank you, thank you!!”

Chani Shapiro, NJ

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful workshop you ran at our recent "Spa for the Soul". Your program was well-structured and provided something for everyone in our very diverse group of women. The hands-on nature of the program was an excellent way of engaging everyone in a non-threatening fashion so that we were all encouraged and inspired to participate. The content was fascinating and you used it to great effect, allowing each woman to take something very personal and profound away with her. The handout was a lovely touch and allowed us all to continue to pursue the themes invoked and continue to grow even after the seminar had ended. Thank you again for an inspirational seminar."

Melodie Nathan, Member Woman's Circle of Boynton Beach

"Shimona spoke at our centre at Ohio State University and we were extremely pleased, but even more importantly the students adored her. She was captivating and inspiring and related extremely well to the modern day college crowd. She conveyed very spiritual ideas in a very practical way that made it applicable to the audience, and the girls were truly moved by her presentation. I was so happy to have her, in fact I am now learning privately with a girl as a direct result of Shimona's words."

Sarah Deitsch, Ohio State University

“I just wanted to thank you again for the brilliant and heartfelt talk you gave at our event...Here's what someone emailed me afterwards: "The keynote speaker was amazing.  She is brilliant, spiritual and very real"...Thanks for helping to slowly change a perception of Chassidic women as oppressed.  So many people thanked me profusely for having brought you to speak, and I am so happy and grateful I did!”

Shaindy Friedman, Palm Springs, CA

“I don't know how to thank you for the unbelievable lecture and workshop you gave at our spa for the soul.  This was the first time we did this event...You truly were the icing on the cake.  The ladies don't stop talking about it.  You made the biggest difference for our community.  Can't wait to have you come again!”

Hinda Silverman, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“Thank you for your Creative Cave workshop...The workshop discussions were great: interactive, fun, deep, and very stimulating to the mind and emotions.  The intro games were also fun...People loved your talk.  They would have liked to hear more.  Thanks again.”

Tamar Hadar, Detroit, Michigan

“It was really incredible meeting you this past week.  I enjoyed your classes immensely and I look forward to hearing more of your vast wealth of knowledge in the future.  You are an absolute fresh breath of air!  Good Shabbos,”

Henchi Fellig, Miami, Fla

"I was at a retreat...with Shimona...fantastic. I've gone to the last 5 retreats and, without a doubt Shimona was the most engaging speaker that we have ever had."

Alix K, Milwaukee

“I loved your talk at the Atara conference...I was moved and touched by everything you said as you articulated many of my own longtime thoughts on art, creativity and and expression...Will the talk soon be available on your website?  A number of us would like to hear it again.  Shalom, G-d bless, thank you and all the best.”

Kari Isaacson

“I want to thank you profusely for your outstanding performance last night at my women's event...The women were riveted and thrilled by your talk.  You elucidated so many important topics.  I am glad for your candid truths on the mitzvot of a women and the beauty of keeping them.  I could not have asked for more content or inspiration...Thank you and good luck for all your programs.”

Hindy Drizin, Valley Chabad's Women's Circle

“The ladies from Irvine had an earth shattering experience that night and loved every minute of it.  Keep inspiring people.”

Binie Hecht, The hostess whose evening was interrupted by an earthquake!!

“I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your inspiring wisdom throughout the retreat. Your heartfelt words resonated deeply, and your strength and pride in being a Jewish woman made a huge impression on all of us. I came back inspired with new resolve and commitment to Yiddishkeit. You are truly a light - I can't thank you enough! I hope to keep in touch.”

Erica Zviklin

“I just stopped by your blog.  I am impelled to write about how truly beautiful it is to hear your son's singing!  Even though I don't know the words, the language, I am moved by his soulful expression.  It reached across physical, cultural, religious boundaries.”

Nicki Barsaleau, Fla

“Reading your articles on the internet.  They are really incredible.  Raw and yet sophisticated.”

Rochel Holtzkenner, FLA

“Your lecture (at the Atara conference) was beyond brilliant, and was the buzz for some time...THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Miriam Leah Droz, NY

“I am writing to say thank you.  I have been getting such positive feedback about our morning together.  Thank you again.”

Chaya Langer, SF, CA

“The Omek Summer Retreat gave us the Deepest Torah, the Sweetest friendships, the Best Food, the Truest Self and the secrets to elevate it all.  A life changing experience.”

Dena Crane, Woodstock NY

“Thank you for your inspiring and insightful lectures this past Shabbaton. You are an amazing lecturer. I felt as though you were talking directly to me. And your sweet sounding voice was smooth listening--an added bonus.  Anyway, thank you for opening my eyes to the joy of happiness.”

Naomi S., CA

“Thank you, Shimona.  I want to thank you, once again, for speaking with our group in Santa Barbara. Your lecture had a very positive impact on my life.”

Li-At Ruttenberg, CA

“Thank you for coming and enriching my life and the life of those around me at such a special time.  I value your teaching, your knowledge, your depth and passion.  It feels like a safe haven of truth which I can trust when I talk to you.  You continue to be a source of inspiration and I feel blessed to know you and feel close.”

Joanna Deller, England

“I just used your tape series 'Generations' to help myself prepare for  a class. Although I had listened to them years ago, I understood so much more when I listened to them now. They are brilliant - Thank you.”

Rochel E, NY

“Thank you so much. I'm really enjoying the learning.  It's a great way to start the day. Thank you again.”

Ettel Weg

“Your writings are so utterly beautiful and touching and meaningful and deep. I am awed by you!  Thanks!”

Yehudis Cohen, NY

“Sitting with a friend, I read your wonderful, wise, perceptive essay to him and we both related to your thoughts and feelings with introspection and understanding. Thank you for speaking your insights as many of us no doubt have experienced this situation…Thank you for your e-mails filled with wonderful insights and wisdom...for the beautiful, spiritually nourishing wisdom you provide throughout the year.  We continue to appreciate the loving kindness and wisdom you imparted at the retreat several years ago...May you feel G-d’s illuminating love and kindness on Lag B'Omer and every day.”

Faith Saunders, CA

“Thank you so much for the amazing evening!  The women really enjoyed it, we got lots of positive feedback.”

Naomi Gershovitz, NJ

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful Tanya classes you taught these past few weeks. It gave me a whole new meaning to Tanya. (Now) Tanya is alive, it speaks to me. Every time I sat in your class I had this feeling (this might sound strange) of my soul being elevated. I walked home in an uplifted mood...Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

B Katz, NY

“As it is almost impossible to teach Tanya at any level of depth in 6 weeks, I am amazed at the way Shimona approached it.  It was obvious that her understanding of Tanya, both contextually and intimately, was my guiding light throughout.  Her approach of:  what the Alter Rebbe is telling us with these chapters put Tanya in a light that I was told was there but was never really shown /taught.  Now, at least having that approach, when I learn Chitas daily, I can ask myself that question and it gives me a starting point of understanding the Tanya, especially on those chapters that are way beyond my understanding.”

Chanie Dubov, NY

“Thank you so much for all that you send.  Today as I counted and celebrated my non Jewish birthday I reflected on all the blessings that are mine for my 77th birthday.  My real birthday is on the second day of Shavuot.   In the year I was born it was on Shabbas.  What a birthday present...I wish you many seconds, minutes, hours and days filled with joyful times with your family, friends and students.”

Esther Altman, Chicago

“Thank you for inspiring messages.  As always it is an honor and joy to hear from you.”

Marcia Hucks

"I want to thank you for the extraordinary "high" I achieved through learning with you.  I feel like my vessel is overflowing and I will need quite some time to realign my thinking and integrate all of the amazing wisdom that you presented us with in Palm Springs.  It was a great privilege to be there.  There are many people who are thirsty for a tast of the wellsprings of wisdom you have to offer."

L. Lichtman, South Jersey

"Shimona is a truly gifted and inspired teacher who always makes learning a profoundly personal and stimulating experience.  She manages to combine presenting an enormous amount of material with a very entertaining and engaging style that leaves you not only hanging onto every word but wanting to retain and record each one as well.  Her topics are deep and relevant, culled primarily from Biblical and mystical teachings but integrating these lessons with current trends in psychology and focusing on personal growth.  Shimona isn't afraid to bring her own real life experiences and her personal struggles for authenticity and transcendence to the table.  In doing so, she pulls all of us along with her."

Bracha Meshchaninov, educator, Monsey, N.Y.

“If you want to find yourself - not only as you are now but as you may transform and develop, if you want to learn a message that will speak to your deepest soul, if you want to find out where true success and happiness lie - join this happiness workshop!”

Roiza Weinreich, NY

“I just wanted to thank you for another amazing retreat!!!   This is my second retreat and for sure not my last one.  I know the amount of hard work and effort that went into it…A Superb Job!! May Hashem give you the strength to continue transforming lives.  I have to commend everyone who gave classes this year as the learning was excellent, and quite diverse. I enjoyed the learning immensely.  It was nice to see new faces and familiar faces.  It is refreshing to connect to so many people from all different backgrounds.  The place was spectacular.  I returned home from the retreat feeling rejuvinated and elevated.  The spark of Chassidut continues to amaze me and the learning keeps getting better and better.”

Nancy Hilsenrath

“What a wonderful treat for the soul your retreat was!  I miss your Tanya classes every morning now...It was precious time out there, in many ways...healing, revitalizing, replenishing - a rare experience of being enveloped in so much kindness.  Your workshops and other classes, all of them were a profound and authentic experience of connecting deeper with oneself on different levels, which - as time unfolds - helps eventually to experience some change in the quality of connecting and communicating with others as well.  It was for me an experience that words only limit its scope...Thank you so much for making it possible...And I was so happy to meet your sweet precious kids!  I hope for more chances in the future to continue learning with you.”

Rachel Shalmon, Israel

“I am always inspired by your beautiful thoughts and writings...May G-d continue to bless you with the energy and love to reach out to our nation - and inspire.”

Chaya S

“Your article NightLight comes at a very important time for me. G-d constantly blesses me with irrational positivity as I trek through (this challenging) phase of my life. Over the past two weeks though, I cannot attest to that.  (After reading your article) my situation and my mood has not changed, though I can now allow things to take their course without the fear of where all this is taking me inside myself. The light is in the darkness, it's where I need to be at this point to emerge bright. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for your guidance.  Have a beautiful week.”


“I am in awe of your gifts”

Jodi Kofsky, Australia

“Your talk was so inspirational.  I really appreciated it!!”

Susana N, Fla

“LOVED THE CD!!!  You really are so awesome and inspiring.”

Baila, NY

“Truly you shared an array of amazing perspectives...fascinating ideas...deep perceptions - as, of course, I knew you would. Your mind is vast but so is your soul. I love your musings. Incredible…on the one hand brilliantly beyond, on the other clearly transparent.  The privilege is mine.”

Fay Yemini, LA

“Thanks so much for the amazing classes!!!”

Chaya, Bayonne Seminary

“It is always exciting reading your words and listening to you (as I do almost daily in the car)….Apropos the retreat, thank you for stretching my mind and body to such great heights.  I still feel muscles that I did not know I had.  I tried to remember as much as I could of your exercises and did them again this morning.  I missed your gentle voice.  The walk and meditation were also wonderful but best of all was sitting in front of you listening to your words of Torah.  May Hashem continually bless you with deep, spiritual insights for your own growth and to share with Klal Yisrael.”

Leah Muller, NY

“It was great to see you.  I just am always amazed at how great a teacher you are.  What a privilege to learn from you.”

Jill Robinson, NY

“I am so glad for the opportunity I had once in São Paulo at "Bait" to hear you.  Since then your emails had been bringing me a little moments of good feelings and reflection”

Marisa Bejarano, Brazil

“Greetings from scenic Lincolnwood, Illinois!!!! We met at your Shabbaton in Skokie...At (a recent gathering) I immediately thought of you....I watched your fantastic inspirational video, and miss your wisdom and warmth!”

Kari Gutstein, Illinois