Women's Israel Retreat 2014


Uncovering Your True Self: Personality Types and the Four Species

The Butcher and the Bone: When (not) to say, "I'm Sorry"

Tanks 'n Tractors: A Mystical Take on Gun Control

What is Kabbalah?

Exchanging Supermom for Everywoman: A Mother's Day Musing

Seven Habits of Transformation

Transformation through Love

Transformation through Fear

Transformation through Balance

Transformation through Ambition

Transformation through Non-Being

Transformation through Intimacy

Transformation through Self-Expression

Three Steps to Freedom: With a Belt, Shoes & Stick

Your "Iffy" and "Sticky" Self: How to Balance Narcissism and Healthy Self-Esteem

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Reflections on Beauty, Self-Esteem and our Relationships with Mirrors

How to Find Your Soul Mate

Melting: A Chanukah Poem by Bracha Meshchaninov

Braving a New World Part l: Noah, the Flood and Transformation

Braving a New World View Part ll: Finding the Leader Within

Braving a New World lll: Woman - The First Conqueror

Surfing the Collective Unconscious: A Conversation with my Teacher

The Big Dip: An Upbeat Visit to the Mikva

The Bedrock of Belief: Did G-d Give the Torah at Sinai?

Dissonance - a Divine Gift: What's the Blessing in an Argumentative Relative? By Joanne Zagnoev

Mysterious Unions: Strange Stories in the Lineage of Mashiach

Border Control: Fighting for Light on all Fronts

In the Eye of the Beholder: Purim and the Power of Projection

Wishing Time By: An Insight from the Book of Esther

Chronic Caretaking: When Caretaking is an Unhealthy Defense. By Joanne Zagnoev

The Month of Joy and the SAD Diet: Alternative Health

The Third Pomegranate: A Tu B'Shvat Story

Seven Foods for Seven Habits: A Step-by-Step Plan for Spiritual Growth

The Fallen Heiress Club: Musings and Readings on Money

A Street Drain, Hot-Ice and the Chanuka Flames: A Chanuka Insight

Night Light: Illuminating the Meaning of Kislev

Four Species Visualization : A Meditation for Sukkot

Sukkot in Hebron: A Student's Journal

Soundbite of the Soul: How the Sound of the Shofar Shifted Me from "Selves" to "Self"

Keep Coming Back: The Two Levels of Repentance in Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

Beauty of the Beast: Shifting our Definition of Beauty

With Woman, With Life : A Midwife Muses on the Relationship between Birth and Death

Just Do It: The Giving of the Torah and Going Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Art of Living: Using the Artistic Process as a Template for Living Life Most Fully

Waiting for G-d(ot): A Mystical Lag BaOmer Lesson

Putting Ages Into Minutes: Kabbalistic Insights into the Counting of the Omer

Martha's Morning Routing: The Healing Exercises of My Friend Martha

Match of Faith: A Story of Soulmates

Slums and Stones: Frailty and Permanence, a Sukka and Strength

Exploring the Hidden: Mystical Feminism as Understood from the Story of Purim

'Till The Lights Go Out: An Electricity Crisis Sheds Light on the Mitzvot of Women

Painting a Life: My Artistic Process. By Sara Horowitz

Foreign Waters: An Icy Dip in the Mikva Replenishes the Soul

Miraculous Living: Insights Into Passover and the Month of Nissan The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson

The Legal and the Mystical: Mystical Dimensions in Civil Law. By Eli Silberstein

The Sanctuary as Art: The Sons of Noah as Prototypes of the Creative Process

Purim at Sodom: The Balance between Community and Individuality

Queen Esther and the Kabbala of Time: Insights on Purim

Of Life and Legacies Abraham's Radical Vision of Sanctity of Life

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk: How Life's Challenges Can Be Our Greatest Blessing

The Blue-Bird: The Impact of the Lubavitcher Rebbe on my Life

Attitude, Gratitude and Make-Believe: How Perception Frames our World and Transforms the Reality We Live In