Take your Life from Unmanageable to Unimaginable

The Truth is…THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!  The TRUE you!

You may not always be consciously in touch with this Truth, however deep inside you know it
YOU have something to contribute to the world that is YOURS alone.

As we find ourselves living in the darkest of times the call is becoming louder and louder to find the pathway to light.  The light of life, the light of goodness and joy, the light of our true selves and infinite possibilities.  The most powerful impact you can make is to let your True Self shine – because when you free your true self you liberate the whole WORLD.

You may say to yourself, “Who, me?! Honestly, I have no idea how to access it.” Or you ask, “Why do some people thrive and I struggle, despite all my efforts?”  Nevertheless, that inner knowing that you have a unique gift with which to serve the world remains.

The Kabbalah CoachWhich brings me to this moment.

Hi. My name’s Shimona.

What if I say that you can access your most vital, alive and creative self? That you can get unstuck and serve in the most remarkable ways. That in all likelihood it is not because of lack of effort but rather because you do not have a user friendly map to travel by.

We were given the tools to access this light of infinite possibilities. These tools were hidden away in books that have been difficult to access. Now is the time to shine the light outwards.

Through the guidance of remarkable teachers I have spentThe Kabbalah Coach the past thirty years learning, understanding and applying this timeless and revolutionary wisdom. From this experience, ‘The Method’ was developed. It’s a remarkably simple program that uses Kabbalah-based tools for self-mastery and personal transformation.  ‘The Method’ is an accessible, relatable and systematic process that will take your life from unmanageable to unimaginable!

So…In case you are wondering, “Can this work for ME?” The answer is a bold, emphatic YES!!  Scholar or novice, seekers from all walks of life have experienced the transformation of ‘The Method’. What we all have in common is a yearning for truth and a passion to serve and make our world a better place. With your commitment and your desire, I can help guide you.

Please join me on this revolutionary journey to change yourself and repair the world…Really.

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