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The 7 Habits of Transformation

Discover the Map of Your Essential Self We talk a lot about change, but is it really attainable? You can see yourself changing habits or behaviors but what about your temperament and character? Are these traits intrinsic to who you are? G‑d created many feelings…There’s no way to go through life without experiencing all of them. You’re never going…


Sweet Sourdough: Bite Sized Bits on Bread and Health

The Ceremonial Bread Known as the “Key Challah” A few thoughts on baking bread, wheat allergies and gut health. Read on for a friend’s Instagram page featuring pictures of Challah Art and recipes that are good for your gut (and brain). The bread Jews bake for the Shabbat following Passover is known as the Key…


How to Pray

7 Tools to Help you Pray with More Focus and Depth This article is part of a series on prayer. The first is “Talking to the Wall” and the closing one is “How to Combat Talking in Shul” Prayer did not come naturally to me. I once turned to Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet obm at a JLI…

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What’s With All This Talking in Shul?

How do we Combat Talking in Shul? (Details about individuals and events have been changed to protect the privacy of others) At the risk of drumming up some enmity, I want to talk about…talking…in shul. In a recent post about an Agitated Woman at the Kotel, I related my encounter with a woman who told…


Talking to the Wall

A Lesson in Payer at the Western Wall One summer I found myself at the Kotel drenching under the Israeli sun. I’d spent a few hours above ground scrolling down the Facebook post where hundreds of people had responded to my offer to daven for them and their loved ones. When my phone battery died,…

Jeanette Cohen's Wedding 1958

“M” is for Mikva & Marriage

One Couple. Two Weddings. Forty Years. An Eternal Bond. by Jeanette Anne Cohen obm This week’s Torah portion, Vayeitzei, is replete with weddings, births and the subtlety of complex family  dynamics. In that spirit, here is the story of a remarkable woman’s (first and second) wedding. August 1998 – that meant Maurice and I would…

Can We Call Up Empathy for Harvey Weinstein

Can We Drum Up Some Empathy for Harvey Weinstein?

Human Sexuality is Complex I too condemn the actions of Harvey Weinstein. I am also uncomfortable with the response to his actions. Abuse of power, sexual harassment, sexual assault, the casting couch and all that comes with it is wrong. No one can excuse the vile abuse he inflicted on women. I condemn his actions….


Braving a New World – Part 3

Woman: The First Conquerer The following is Part Three of a three part series. Its launching point (click here for Part I and Part II) was an analysis of the commandment to “be fruitful and multiply” spoken once to Adam and a second time to Noah. Through careful exploration of the two, numerous conclusions about…