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Sukkah for the “Homeless”

The Sukkah That Gave Me My Home My friends know how driven (and desperate) I was to move out of our apartment. Aside from being a one-bedroom (and we were a family of six at the time), our landlord had to have been one of the most arrogant, selfish and stingy people I’ve had the…


Slums and Stones: A Favella and a Sukkah

The Fragility of the Sukkah More Permanent than Steel I landed in San Paulo, Brazil between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. The shape of South America had intrigued me from grade-school and so too the curvaceous border of Brazil. Somehow, their voluptuous boundaries reminded me of Africa, the continent of my birth. Each had a…

Sukka and Vine JLem

The Sukkaleh’s Song: Don’t Worry

This is a beautiful Yiddish folk song about the Sukkah and how its fragility is analogous to the Jewish people’s mysterious survival despite thousands of years of oppression. Video here and the Yiddish words with English translation below. Yiddish English A sukkaleh a kleiner Fun bretelach gemeiner Hob ich mihr a sukkaleh gemacht. Badecked dem…


The Butcher and the Bone (Or When NOT to Say, "I’m Sorry"

There are more people who won’t talk to me – nay look at me – than I care to think.  Truth be told, even one is too many.  No?  Well I have a handful.  But not for lack of trying to repair the breeches.  I’ve apologized.  In one case, make that fourteen conciliation attempts.  Now…

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Who by Fire?

“Personalize your prayer,” is easier said than done. Particularly the rarefied peaks of prayer on the lofty day of Yom Kippur. How to proceed? The Yom Kippur digest for the Happy New You teleconference series includes exercises and Suggested Steps on how to access the prayers U’netaneh Tokef (Who by Fire) and Ki Hinei Ke’Chomer…


Heart-Centered Wisdom and the Jewish View on Environmentalism

How do we Relate to the Environment and What is the End Goal of All Knowledge? What does Judaism have to say about ecology and our responsibility to the environment? Why is a wise person compared to a tree? And how do we acquire heart-centered wisdom? Click on to see our free webinar based on the prohibition…

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3 Tools to Download Joy

And Other Thoughts from Our “Taste the Method” Webinar On this webinar I offered some of the core coaching principles of The Method. Among them was a teaching on how to access joy and inner peace no matter the external circumstances of your life. There are a host of other tools from various Method modules….

My Grandfather on Martha's Vineyard 1926

My Grandfather’s Illegal Crossing of the Rio Grande

The Ordeal of an Illegal Immigrant Almost 100 years ago my grandfather illegally crossed the Rio Grande. He was imprisoned in San Antonio, Texas. His brothers on Martha’s Vineyard got him out. At year’s end he had to return to Europe from where he traveled to Africa. I recently had the opportunity to visit the…

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From Sea to Sea: On Becoming Free

Becoming Free To know the calling of each moment, we need to connect with our vision for the future and work backwards. This recording of a recent webinar explores a verse from Psalms, “He will rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth,” shining a light on how…