My Grandfather on Martha's Vineyard 1926

My Grandfather’s Illegal Crossing of the Rio Grande

The Ordeal of an Illegal Immigrant Almost 100 years ago my grandfather illegally crossed the Rio Grande. He was imprisoned in San Antonio, Texas. His brothers on Martha’s Vineyard got him out. At year’s end he had to return to Europe from where he traveled to Africa. I recently had the opportunity to visit the…

Lighthouse Photo

From Sea to Sea: On Becoming Free

Becoming Free To know the calling of each moment, we need to connect with our vision for the future and work backwards. This recording of a recent webinar explores a verse from Psalms, “He will rule from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth,” shining a light on how…


You are a Temple and Always Whole on the Inside

If you unpacked today – the Ninth of Av, you’d find 3327 years of tragedy inside. But the day is also pregnant with the most wondrous secrets and potential for manifesting our ultimate purpose. I’ve posted some thoughts on the current month and today’s fast on my Facebook page for contemplation. (This one in particular drew a lot of…

View of Jerusalem

Fasting for Social Change

What is the day asking of us? Sure, today is a fast day. But what is a “desirable” fast? Most often going through the motions is easier than doing the deep work. I thought I’d post us a reminder of where we’re aiming. First four lines of history: Today, the Ninth of the Hebrew month of Av,…

Blue Bird

Blue Bird – Gimmel Tammuz

I never really got my Lamaze breathing down pat. When it came to the labor of my daughter, I preferred to gaze intently at a mandala and say psalm twenty up to three times. That’s about how long it took for my belly to bend inwards in her effort to get the new life out….

Mountain Rockface

Did G-d Give the Torah at Sinai?

Or is the Claim Fake News? Throughout history, skeptics have questioned whether G-d gave the Torah at Sinai.  With the entire notion of “fact” and “truth” in ambivalent fluidity as never before, that question rings louder than ever. Counter-intuitively the glut of Fake News sheds light on the Giving of the Torah! In the podcast below,…

Mendy with Esrog

A Prayer for One’s Children by the Holy Shelah

A New Translation of a Seasoned Prayer for One’s Children to be Said on the Eve of the New Moon of Sivan This prayer was composed by the Shelah Hakadosh to express the prayers of parents on behalf of their children. The Shelah said the optimal time for parents to recite this prayer is on…


Transformation Through Self-Expression

  The African image that most captured my imagination in school was the repeated theme of a body with a head at either end of the torso. It’s really a sculpture of a woman giving birth as the baby’s head emerges. In some ways, the two-headed torso is the exact opposite of the more Eastern…


Transformation Through Intimacy

The Mystical Counting of the Omer, Part VI The Kabbalah of Head and Heart Stereotypically, men are often described as physical beings detached from heart and soul. Maybe that’s born of the fact that while they certainly have intense feelings and emotions, when it comes to intimacy, men seem to be able to separate their…