A Profound Discourse

The Ultimate Self-Sacrifice Upon hearing the wish of Mordechai that she approach Achashverosh, Esther relayed a message of disagreement. She told him that the entire empire was aware that whoever entered the inner courtyard of the king without being called upon was subject to the death penalty, unless the king would extend his royal scepter…

Mountains - Leader

Embodiments of Leadership and Self Sacrifice

Help From Above Mordechai and Esther precipitated the redemption of their people. This was a result of their reliance on G‑d alone. Neither had a sense of dependence on others. Mordechai had gone into exile voluntarily prior to the destruction of the Temple. He foresaw the events which lay ahead and went to Babylon before…


The Sleepless Night

The Plot  Esther’s plan had taken effect. Achashverosh was deeply disturbed by her requests. In all the years of their marriage she had neither mixed into political affairs nor asked anything of him. Suddenly she was requesting two meetings — and with Haman at that! The king both suspected a relationship between Esther and Haman…

Clock- Wishing Time Away

Wishing Time By

 Be a Spiritual Overreacher The empire of Achashverosh encompassed one hundred and twenty seven states. The number corresponds to the life span of our matriarch Sarah. In fact the Midrash comments that Esther merited to rule over them as a result of the years of Sarah’s life. A story is related about Rabbi Akiva which…


Surfing the Collective Unconscious – Yud Shevat

Thoughts on Yud Shevat from a Conversation with my Teacher We must now (after forty years since the passing of the Previous Rebbe) become an entirely new being – a new entity which stands on a new foundation: “Attain the consciousness of your teacher.” Lubavitcher Rebbe, Sefer haSichos Parshas Bo 5750 I want to change….

Shimona Lighting Candles at the Russian Retreat

Unlock Your Power to Pray

Join a Unique Prayer Circle As women we embody a wealth of wisdom that arises from the essence of our soul. This intelligence is woven into every cell of our bodies. But many of us have been blinded to the inner light of our True Self. We’re severed from our core, exhausted and confused in…


Annual Day of Kabbalah

A Day Devoted to the Zoharic Passage About “The Beautiful Maiden Without Eyes” Hosted by Rabbi Naftali Citron and the Carlebach Shul Join us for this amazing day of learning that combines academic excellence with spiritual vitality–an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your personal journey and expand your understanding of the deep truths embedded in everyday…

JLI G-d Panel

How Is G-d Relevant Today?

Do We Need G-d? And does G-d Need Us? I came across a meme that said, “I don’t need you. I have WiFi.” Sad. But in many ways a true reflection of the invasion of screens on our lives. Our addiction to digital heroine has us bypassing the people and things we most deeply crave….

Heart Apple

Talmudic Insight on Pig Valve Replacements

What The Talmud Had To Teach Us About My Father’s Health I feel compelled to share this remarkable and personal story. Here is the preamble. The Talmud (Taanit) states that if there is a plague on the people, a fast should be called. I realize it is not that PC but the Talmud does assume that G-d…