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Rooted in ancient mystical teachings, The Method for Self-Mastery is remarkably simple and relevant to our every-day life in the twenty-first century. You will discover inside-out solutions with a practical approach to personal transformation. The Method is comprised of 20 inspiring, practical and transformational courses which culminate with the potential of becoming a certified Kabbalah Coach.

The Method journey will take you deep into new ways of thinking and insights that will generate profound and lasting transformation. This is achieved through Webinars, Slideshows, Lectures, Videos, Meditations, a Member Forum and other course material, all designed to empower you to think deeply and to interact. All created to enable you to achieve individual growth, understanding  and realizations of the interactions of the universe, and empower each of you to achieve your potential and given purpose.

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The Method Curriculum

The Method

Praise for The Method

“I have used the Sefirotic Hats technique many times with my teenage son. You couldn’t do better sitting in a session with a therapist. It’s a must-have tool for parents.” 

“I am less judgmental and more respectful of others as a result of the program and having learned that everyone has an essential self…It’s intriguing and challenging to approach people in this way, to try and get to that significant part of another person.” 

“The program gives more depth to your every-day life. You realize that people and your interactions with them are significant.”

The Method

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The Method employs a technique for presenting ideas that cater to four dimensions of human intelligence:
Spiritual (SQ), Intellectual (IQ), Emotional (EQ), and Behavioral (BQ).

  • SQ exposes us to a glimpse into the world of the supra-conscious and is experienced through meditations
  • IQ guides us through processing the information cognitively and is experienced through videos and lectures
  • EQ appeals to our emotional identification with the information, and is experienced through archives of coaching calls plus live weekly webinars
  • BQ deals with applying these ideas using practical techniques and is experienced through Suggested Steps and a premium Member Forum

The slideshow lessons average 30 minutes.
The audio lessons and archived coaching calls average 20 minutes
The live webinars are offered weekly and last  75 minutes
The meditations average 20 minutes and include both the meditation and an explanatory lesson
The Suggested Steps are limited to one per lesson. We space them out in order to allow you to get the most out of The Method by processing the ideas thoroughly.  We encourage you to try out the steps for a day or more before moving on to the next one.  Training our brain to flow in redemptive sequences takes not only a week but a lifetime and the more you practice, the more benefit you experience.  This is where you have the opportunity to really invest yourself in the process by applying the steps and practicing the meditations.  The Suggested Steps are where you “become” The Method.
The Member Forum is available as long as you are enrolled in the program

All lessons for the coming week become available on one day. You can watch, listen, read and try out the steps at your leisure. You even have the option of being paired with a CoCoachMe partner with whom you can process the work during the week! Then on the live call, you receive additional insights from Shimona and have the opportunity to be coached or listen to others as they work through The Method.

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  • Learn what Kabbalah is and how it can help you lead a more purpose-driven life.
  • Discover the obstacles and steps to Healing.The Method
  • Explore your Soul Mapthe landscape of the human psyche – and learn problem-solving skills using the Sefirotic Hats technique.
  • Face the questions of Identity (“Who am I?”) and Purpose (“Why am I?”)
  • Delve into the process of Creation as the blueprint for unblocking yourself facing your Furthest Fears and discovering your Deepest Desires.
  • Examine the six factors of nature and nurture that define and bind us, develop the Vision necessary to meet the challenges and even use them to your advantage.
  • Explore the origins of self-exile and gain the tools for true Freedom.
  • Look at interpersonal relationships and develop the core principles for meaningful Connection.
  • Apply these principles through the Roadmap, bringing it all to full Actualization so that you can live the life you were meant to lead.
  • Create a career as  Method practitioner by becoming a Certified Kabbalah Coach and spreading the transformation of The Method to others.

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The Method

This technique is not complicated or mysterious. Nor is it new. It’s just authentic, documented wisdom translated into your every-day language and made practical for the first time.  It will enable you to embrace your whole self and live each day, each opportunity, and each challenge in a more impactful way. You can stay in your comfort zone and keep hoping things will change. Or you can take action now and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Why don’t you try it for yourself? I’ve created a FREE mini course called “Meet The Method.” Begin to live each day, each challenge and each opportunity in a more impactful, authentic way – starting right now. Discover authentic Kabbalah, made practical for your life today.

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Don’t take my word for it. Read what others have to say. Previous Method participants were asked to fill in an anonymous survey. We did it that way so they’d be free to speak their truth. Below are just a sampling of the glowing testimonials we received!

Shimona is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever encountered. It’s unbelievable how she never misses the mark.”

Thank you, Shimona! Your coaching is impactful, wise and very intuitive. I find myself using and reusing the paradigms you gave me over and over in all different areas; even parenting and relating to my sons! It’s very deep work and yet simple and easy too.”

I want you to know how truly, deeply, amazingly transformative our work was for me. Every day I am reaping the benefits. My life is so rich and everything I do is purposeful and fulfilling. I no longer feel conflicted. I feel a deep inner peace and confidence in the future. I am clear and I no longer feel the need for ‘belonging’ or outward approval. You unleashed my potential completely and I am, as you promised, living the life I always imagined.”

The Method has really saved me, my sanity and my conscious connection to Gd throughout all the challenging times my family has been through over the last few years. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface of what your teachings offer in the courses. I’m eager to pick it up again to drink in more. Thank you for all you are and do for me.”

Don’t let the “what if’s,” and “if only’s” run your life.  You don’t have to wonder what might happen if you really did pursue your deepest desires.  I know this can work for you, but you have to take the next step. You can either stay in your comfort zone and keep hoping things will get better, or you can take action right now and assure yourself of a different, more authentic, positive and meaningful life. Discover authentic Kabbalah made practical for  you life.

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Welcome to the journey!  I’m honored to share it with you.

The Method





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