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    Shavua tov,
    I Like Shimona’s teaching very much.
    I look for a lady who can be my Mashpia in the way our Rebbe told us to have a Mashpia.
    I live in Europe, that timezone makes it easier, but someone from the USA is fine too.
    English is my second language, so please forgive my mistakes.
    Thank you in advance,

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    Hi Gilah,

    Thank you for your question about a mentor (masphia). The holy Baal Shem Tov says our eyes look out, not in. His words reflect the Talmudic teaching that, “A person is close to themselves.” We are all biased by self love. Receiving the gaze of a person who models what we aspire to and who is committed to helping us is a prerequisite to moving forward in our service of G-d and refinement of ourselves and the world.

    Finding a mentor is something each individual has to do for themselves. Only you would know if you resonate with someone. You are not seeking perfection in another. None of us has “arrived” at the spiritual destination we aspire to. Do seek out someone who is working towards the goal and who practices the path on a daily basis.

    Someone once told the Rebbe s/he couldn’t find a perfect mentor. The Rebbe responded, “The most important thing is that the person is not you.” I other words, simply having an outside, objective view of our life can grant us perspective and tools to move forward.

    Many people have found my program The Method to be very helpful. We learn both alone and together. I also include archives of my coaching others (all shared with the permission of those who are featured) and coach live. You get to listen to others processing their lives. While our stories may be different, the experiences and feelings are very similar. This “spectator” or “virtual” coaching is one of the most transformational aspects of the program. If you are interested, please reach out to my assistant via this link:

    I hope this is useful. Please be in touch with any other questions.


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