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MoreMy intention in every audio file and course on our site, is to help you come home to yourself, create a beautiful life and live your highest purpose. While you’re here, check out the “Mindfulness Meditation Series” if you haven’t already done so. From breath work to mental control exercises and visualization to contemplative Kabbalistic meditations, the series will help you gain control of your mind and begin to mine its infinite resources.

Our free Business, Blessing and Balance presents fresh ideas on business, money, wealth, and blessing and how to balance it all. It’s jam packed with insights and tools to help you jumpstart your dreams, draw down blessing and live from a place of peace.

You’ll learn about the etymology of money and why that’s relevant to your life; the deeper meaning of work and how to identify your purpose; the connection between money and reincarnation; how to draw down blessing and a whole lot more. PLUS one of the most useful tools from The Method, the transformational Purpose Quadrant ©.

If you want to create abundance on all levels, to jumpstart your dreams, draw down blessing and live from a place of peace, join us for a few weeks of contemplation and action that will help you manifest your purpose.

Got questions? We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.

The Power of Mindfulness

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